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Healthy Skin Care All Winter Long
By Jerzy George

      We may not want to admit it, but winter is just around the corner. This means that your skin care regime must change in order to accommodate those harsh winds and dry days.    Read More.... 


Healthy Skin Care Tips & Procedures
By Jerzy George

        Do you know how to care for your skin? Unfortunately, skin doesn�t come with an instruction booklet or care instructions. Thankfully, there are some natural skin care tips that can help keep your skin young and supple. Read More...


Healthy Treatment For Dry Skin Care Results
By Jerzy George

        Did you know that dry skin and aging are intertwined? Millions of Americans fight aging with all of their might every year, but most of them never consider the dry skin factor.    Read More....


Unique Anti-Aging Skin Care Products
By Jerzy George

      Mature skin requires special skin care products, great anti-aging items, and extra time spent caring for it. If you learn how to take care of mature skin, you will find that the outcome is glowing skin that looks ten years younger.    Read More...


Skin Care Routine Simple & Precise
By Jerzy George

       Do you want to hear an interesting fact? Most people don't know how to go through basic skin care steps. Below, you will find the best way to go through a basic skin care process that you can complete daily.  Read More...


Unique & Natural Anti-Aging Creams

By Jerzy George

      With all of the anti-aging creams, elixirs, and miracle scrubs on the market today, how do you select the right one for your skin?     Read More...



Skin Care & Proper Foods Nutrients

By Jerzy Prugar

       Has anyone ever told you to feed your face? Well, this phrase takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to proper skin care. A great health and beauty regimen begins with the right foods for your body.       Read More...



Unique Men's Skin Care Products

By Jerzy George

      Women seem to have the beauty industry covered. Most skin care articles are about women, most products cater to women, and most tips can only be applied to women - what about men?    Read More....


Practical Beauty & Skin Care Regimen

By Jerzy George

      There are lots of skin care tips to be found on the internet and in magazines. The problem is that most of these tips are somewhat unachievable. Read More....


Ways To Help Your Skin Age
By Jerzy Prugar

      That's right; you read the title of this article correctly: ways to help your skin age. Why would you want your skin to age? Well, you shouldn't want to help your skin age at all. But, if you are not avoiding the following habits, your skin will age rapidly.    Read More...


Vitamin E Really Packs The Power Anti-aging Skincare Punch

By Jerzy George


         Have you ever noticed how many skin care products contain vitamin E? Well, this is due to the fact that vitamin E really packs a power anti-aging punch.    Read More....


Vitamins In Beauty And Skin Care Regimen

By Jerzy George

        You cannot have healthy looking skin without having a healthy body. Why? Your skin reflects the condition of your body. If you treat your body poorly, your skin will suffer as a result...of course, the opposite is also true.    Read More...


Nothing Can Stop Aging Process!
By Jerzy Prugar

      Many people are under the false impression that vitamin A only helps to make teeth and bones strong. While this is certainly true, this vitamin also serves another important purpose: it strengthens skin. Read More...


Vitamin C in Beauty And Skin Care Revolution
By Jerzy Prugar

        Vitamin C can really help your skin to thrive? While most people assume that this vitamin is only important for fighting off colds, it can actually turn your skin into the definition of picture perfect skin care.     Read More....


Omega-3 Revolutionary Skin Care
By Jerzy Prugar

      You probably know by now that your skin reflects what you consume. You have probably heard all about eating lots of vitamins and nutrients, and taking care to select the best skin care products. But, how much do we know about Omega-3?    Read More....


Anthony Robbins Dietary Supplements & Anti aging skin care
By Jerzy George

Anthony Robbins     Well known author, motivational speaker, and consultant Anthony Robbins recently wrote an article detailing the importance of dietary supplements. Robbins dissected the significance of these supplements by asking the question: do we really need some form of nutritional supplement as part of our daily diet? Further, can the addition of dietary supplements help to stop the signs of aging?   Read More...



What Dehydration Has To Do With Beauty And Skin Care?

By Jerzy George


       Here's an interesting theory - try to drink as much water as you can in order to prevent dehydration. Why is this a bizarre concept? Most people drink water once they are already thirsty, but drinking before you are thirsty is the key to healthy looking skin.   Read More...



Brutal Effects Of Stress On Beauty & Skin Care

By Jerzy George


      Is there a link between your brain and your skin? Can stress really impact the condition of your skin? Many people have long thought that stress can directly affect there any merit to this thought?       Read More...



What Are The Effects Of Sweat Upon Your Skin?

By Jerzy George


       Is sweat good for you skin? Strictly from a logical standpoint, if you want healthy skin, you must exercise. In turn, any amount of strenuous exercise is bound to make you sweat. Thus, your skin will sweat profusely like it or not. But, the question remains - what are the effects of sweat upon your skin?  Read  More...



What Kind of Water Should You Drink?

By Jerzy George


      You probably already know that you should drink lots of water in order to maintain healthy looking skin. The only question is: what kind of water should you drink? You see, not all water is the same...and some water can actually be bad for your skin.         Read  More...


Chlorine Effects On Beauty & Skin Care

By Jerzy George

       As a society, we are so used to the chemical chlorine that we hardly realize it's there anymore. The thing is that chlorine is actually very bad for your skin. Why is this a problem? Chlorine is present in throughout our world...even when you're not swimming in a pool. Read More...


Potassium In Skin Care Revolution

By Jerzy George

        Potassium is a mineral that most of us don't think about too often.  Interestingly, it is also a mineral that can help the skin in many different ways. How much do you know about potassium and your skin? Read   More...


Skin Care Myths And Your Beauty Regimen

By Jerzy George


      There are lots of skin care myths out there. Some of them are based upon fact, while others are just plain comical. Have you ever wondered about skin care myths? Below, you will find some of the most outlandish myths out there...and you may even come across one or two that aren't myths at all.   Read More...


Three Easy Skin Care Tips For Winter

By Jerzy George

      As those winter winds begin to blow, most of us tend to stay inside as much as possible. While it may be warm inside of your home, it isn't necessarily the best atmosphere for your skin. There are lots of things inside of your house during the winter months that can lead to dry skin.    Read More...


Sun And Skin Care & Premature Aging

By Jerzy George

      Since sunlight is a large part of our lives, many people tend to forget about the sun's harmful effects on skin. While sun is a great source of warmth and happiness, it can also have negative impact on our lives -- especially when it comes to beauty and aging.      Read More...



Don't  Wash Your Skin Too Much?

By Jerzy George                  


      The process of washing your skin does not end with simple washing. Confused? You see, how you wash your skin has a great impact upon the skin itself. Excessive washing strips the skin of its moisture while triggering oil production.    Read  More...



Makeup Ingredients and Anti Aging Skin Care

By Jerzy George

      The relationship between makeup and aging tends to be a bit of a grey area. Often, many questions arise concerning this topic, though there aren't a lot substantial answers. Most of the debates revolving around makeup and aging don't seem to have any factual basis. This ambiguity has a lot to do with what aging itself actually means.


The Best Nutrition For Anti Aging Skin Care

By Jerzy George


       Recent studies have shown that nutrition is vital when it comes to healthy skin. Today's experts no longer stress the sole importance of topical applications i.e. creams and lotions. Instead, it is now a well known fact that skin thrives based upon proper nutrition.       Read More...



Anti Aging Skin Care Enemies To Avoid

By Jerzy George

      Skin conditions such as wrinkles, dry skin, acne, psoriasis, and inflammation are all a reflection of poor internal health. Bad lifestyle, horrible dietary patterns, toxic skin care products, and a lack of healthy skin nutrients are all responsible for skin that is less than perfect.    Read  More...



Toxins To Avoid In Anti Aging Skin Care Products          

By Jerzy George


      Skin Care products are an indispensable part of our lives. What we fail to realize about our indulgence in these skin care products is that beneath their "larger than life" claims lie harsh realities. More often than not, these skin care products and cosmetics contain ingredients that are harmful to the skin.      Read  More...



Collagenelife Anti Aging Organic Skin Care Beauty Products          

By Jerzy George


      When CollageneLife promises to provide you with great organic skincare products, you can put your trust in that promise. All of our organic skincare products are entirely natural, and all of them are safe for your skin.      Read  More...



Is There A Difference between All-Natural and Organic?          

By Jerzy George


      All-natural, organic, made from natural ingredients - with all of these popular terms floating around shelf spaces, how do you know which skin care products are good for your skin? Is there a difference between all-natural and organic?.      Read  More...



Organic Peels for Anti Aging Skin Care          

By Jerzy George


      If you have been looking at organic skincare products lately, you've probably noticed that a lot of them have orange, lemon, and other types of peels added to them. Do these things really add any extra benefit to skincare products? What can organic peels do for your skin? Is it all just a hoax?.      Read  More...


Skin Care - What Does Your Skin Absorb?          

By Jerzy George


      Have you ever thought about the things that your skin absorbs? While it may seem as though your skin is tough, it's actually quite delicate. How delicate? Your skin will take in a number of things during any regular day.      Read  More...


Is This Product Organic Or Not?          

By Jerzy George

      The word "organic" has been thrown around a lot lately, but what does it mean? Are some things considered organic while others are not? Who decides what is organic and what is not?.      Read  More...



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