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Makeup and Harmful Effects on Your Skin Care
By Jerzy George

     Women all across the world use makeup on a daily basis to try and look their best. Most medicine cabinets inside a female's domain are filled to the brim with lots and lots of cosmetics. How many women use skincare products that are past their "best by" date? How much makeup does the average woman use in one year? Does the skin absorb all of these chemicals?

How Much Makeup?

     The average female uses up to 20 different skincare products per day (according to a recent study). This adds up to a phenomenal amount of makeup and skincare product use per year. This is particularly interesting due to the fact that most of these products contain a large helping of chemicals.

     Thus, these chemicals are absorbed through the skin result in various skin problems and ageing issues. While some chemicals that are contained within skin care and makeup products might be ok to use on their own, there's notelling when these products might do once they are mixed.

A Chemical Reaction?

     As basic chemistry teaches us, when two chemicals are mixed together there is often a reaction. Thus, the various products that women put on their face during any one given day may result in a chemical reaction that is less than positive.

     What can be done about this possible problem? Simply put, we have to be more careful about the products that we place upon our skin. It is crucial to understand what each chemical inside of a makeup or skincare product does, and whether or not it will cause a negative reaction when it is mixed with another product.

Where Do Chemicals Go?

     If a small amount of a skincare product is accidentally swallowed, then the stomach will simply break up that product resulting in no harm done.However, if a product is simply placed upon the skin, it will be instantly absorbed, and it will enter into your bloodstream almost immediately.

     This means that you could be doing a lot more harm to your skin than you think. Take a good look at those chemicals that are included in your skin care and makeup products. Find out what each chemical means, and make sure that they are not part of the "chemical watch list."



Possible Problems

     Some chemicals that are currently under scrutiny include parabens and sodium lauryl suphate. While the cosmetics industry states that there is no need for concern, this may not be entirely true.

     For the time being, simply be aware of the things that you are placing upon your skin. If a skincare product is laden with chemicals, take the time to figure out what those chemicals are...and ask yourself if you should be using organic products instead. 

Go Organic

     Most organic products are derived from natural sources. This means that these products contain items that are safe for your skin. You can feel good about using an organic product when it comes to your skin.

     Unlike other chemical laden products, organic products will not harm your skin. In the end, it’s worth it to take a closer look at the skincare products that you douse. While there may not be any known chemical side effects at the moment,these things have a way of changing in the blink of any eye.

     Explore How to stop possible and harmful effects of applying makeup and start a skin care revolution with the innovative technology brining professional clinical results which enables women and men of all ages boost collagen production and create amazing anti-aging results.



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