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All Natural or All Pretend?
By Jerzy George

      Far too many people believe that an all natural product equates a product that won’t damage or harm skin in any way. This line of thinking is not only false, it is also potentially dangerous.

      To begin our all natural discussion, let’s first talk about aging and anti-aging products that contain other ingredients. If you look closely enough, you will discover that many all natural products also include a number of chemical additives.

      While a product may actually contain some type of natural plant base, this does not necessarily mean that the formaldehyde within the product won’t harm your skin. So, if you are going to purchase any all natural product, be sure that every last ingredient within the bottle, jar, or spray is, indeed, all natural.

      Now, let’s talk about those anti-aging and aging products that contain ingredients that truly are all natural. Sometimes, a product might have a bit of lavender, rose, or other natural ingredient inside of it. However, this doesn’t mean that the product won’t irritate your skin or cause some type of breakout.

      The best way to approach an all natural product is to test a bit on your skin prior to spreading it all over your face. This way, you can find out if that anti-aging cream actually works...or if it will cause your face to break out in red spots instead.

      Sadly, cosmetics and skin care products that aren’t all natural can be labelled as natural without much consequence. You see, there aren’t really any kinds of government regulations regarding these products. So, a manufacturer can stick a label that says "all natural" on any bottle of any kind.

      The only law that skin care products have to adhere to is the law that the product must contain one small percentage of natural materials. Additionally, it should be known that some "natural" ingredients are actually produced in laboratories...not from natural substances at all.

      Now that you know all about natural products and products that claim to be natural, it’s time to look at your collection of aging and anti-aging skin creams and lotions. Take a good gander at that label...what does it say? Are you sure that those ingredients are natural?

     Of course, some people don’t care whether or not their skin care products are natural. These people are playing a dangerous game when it comes to their skin. Sure, there are no noticeable side effects right now, but what will happen five years from now if you keep using the same product?

     If you think about it, using a product that is truly natural makes a lot of sense. Thing that are found within nature are naturally good for your skin. Just make sure that those natural ingredients are taken from a true plant source...not some laboratory.

      All natural aging and anti-aging products can work true wonders for your skin. These products can enhance skin’s elasticity, bring back that youthful appearance, and work to moisturize your skin properly. The only thing that you have to do when purchasing a skin care product is make sure that the product is composed of truly natural ingredients.

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