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Skin Care Beauty Throughout History

By CollageneLife


      Skin care has always been an important part of the beauty regimen for women, and some men throughout history.  The secret formula or tonic (ancient skin care products) for smooth and fare skin was as much sought after many times as riches and glory. Ancient peoples did not need dermatologists, scary cancer statistics, or Stridex to know that they needed to protect their skin.


      Perhaps they did not completely understand that the epidermis was, in fact one of their organs, but those societies did comprehend how fragile and vulnerable the skin really was, and that they could not live without it. Skin care was high on the priority list, although mostly because they wanted to be beautiful and keeping the skin in good shape also kept those ladies and gents pretty as peacocks.


They Put What On Their Face?


         Skin care definitely did not have the same meaning several hundred years ago as it does today. There were not any doctors solely devoted to skin care and preventing (and healing) any related afflictions. The doctorImage of Skin Care Beautys of that time did still try to heal all. Boils and pimples do not a pretty princess make. Likewise skin care products were very different in composition, appearance, and certainly in packaging.


      Some ancient civilizations incorporated many commonplace natural ingredients into their own version of skin care products: witch hazel, rose hip seed oil, aloe vera, beeswax, and chamomile to name a few. Most of those ingredients can be found underneath your bathroom sink and even in your kitchen. Although you may want to do a little research before you just start rubbing yourself down with everything at once. That would be an interesting rash to explain to your family doctor.


Fast Forward To This Century


      It is very interesting to see how these older cultures and societies approached skin care in their day. It is said that ancient Greek athletes would apply olive oil and fine sand to protect their skin from being sunburned. That must have made for one grimy shower after the race. Aren’t you glad you have Banana Boat and Coppertone? Who likes that whole “sand in the shorts” feeling anyway?


      The allure of natural skin care products is finally taking hold in the modern era, with many of the popular skin care companies making the switch and turning back to Mother Nature for their ingredients. There are also those companies, like CollageneLife Intl that chose from the beginning to only use natural herbs, plants, and other components in making their innovative and very unique skin care products.


      CollageneLife Intl believes that the answers to incredible skin care and reversing the aging process lies beneath the surface, as in all the way down to the cells themselves. Their Natural Collagen skin care line and the “first of its kind” collagen capsules Colvita are designed to heal the skin at the cellular level first, and the smoother skin will follow. Their newer natural skin care products from the Collagen Cosmetics are creams and masks made from the exotic and rare minerals found in the Dead Sea. CollageneLife Intl is making waves and stirring excitement with their all natural skin care products.




About the Author

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