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Nutrients Beautiful Skin Needs
By Jerzy George

      Do you know that your skin needs specific nutrients in order to remain healthy and vibrant? When it comes to skin care, make sure that you are feeding your skin the nutrients that it needs.

      Interestingly, various signs of poor skin care such as acne, wrinkles, and dry skin are all indicators that the body is not getting the nutrients that it needs. Those that neglect their diet will find that their skin takes on an older appearance thanks to the foods that they eat.

      The good news is that you can change the way that your skin looks by eating the right foods daily. The only question is...what are the right foods? Well, let’s begin with the nutrients that you need to look for. Then, we can move on to the foods that are best for your skin care.

      Skin reacts best to certain nutrients including silica; zinc; omega-3 fatty acids; selenium; and vitamins C, E, and A. In order to get the most from your skin care products, you first have to look for the foods that contain the nutrients mentioned above.

      Foods such as leeks, green beans, strawberries, cucumbers, mangoes, celery, asparagus, and rhubarb contain lots of silica. Zinc can be found in oysters, pumpkin seeds, ginger, pecans, Brazil nuts, oats, and eggs. If you are looking for those Omega-3 fatty acids, turn your attention towards the sea.

      Fish oil, salmon, and some types of seeds (flax) contain lots of those Omega-3 acids. Selenium is an antioxidant that can be found in Brazil nuts, eggs, brown rice, whole wheat, and some types of seafood. Lastly, vitamins C, E, and A are crucial to skin care...and they are also easily found.

      Start eating red and green peppers, parsley, turnip, broccoli, oranges, tomatoes, spinach, prunes, and lots of other vegetables and fruits. Most people assume that being aware of health & beauty trends is enough to take care of their skin. However, this just won’t work as you begin to age.

      Instead of reaching for those chemical filled skin care products, look for products that work with your body providing the right amounts of nutrients. Supplements that contain the right vitamins and nutrients will work from the inside out to create an all around glowing skin effect.

      It is impossible to ignore your diet and still have healthy skin. As we age, our skin will automatically begin to deteriorate, which is why it’s important to start consuming those nutrients now. With the help of all natural skin care products, proper supplements, and the right diet, your skin will look its best even as you grow older.

      Now that you know about the right nutrients for your skin, you have no excuse not to consume them daily. Remember to eat lots of veggies and fruits, but don’t neglect your water intake either. When you start to add all the pieces of the skin care puzzle together, the end result will be skin that glows year after year.

      You can eat whatever you want to eat...but your skin will give away your diet every time. If your skin has been looking less than perfect lately, consider changing your diet.

About Author - Jerzy George ( with over twenty years of experience in the beauty and antiaging industry is offering information and products oriented on the market's needs and which have the set of concurrent advantages, favourably separating them from the products of competitors. If you wish to learn more please visit


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